To my friends and my colleagues,new year letter

To my friends and my colleagues,

It is a Mayan's a jok, so this is somewhat different in 2012.Also this New year and Christimas is more regained.The feeling of rebirth is called "great", I wish you , my friends and colleagues, Keep the great state of life in 2013, health and family happiness.

In the beginning of 2012, I made a desision in my Dragon year that is to build my own company and brand -RuiSi Tech. It is only way to continue engage in my career that I love, to keep my team style and attitude of service for my clients. It is only way that  this kind of attitude and style to be named  RuiSi Tech.

We try best to be a international and professional oil and chemical spill response company . In the past few months, We got a deal for advance oil spill contingency technology and equipment of Aquaguard. Also RuiSi Tech 's new type of oil boom had  used in real oil spill accident, clients feed back that it is a  best boom compare another. Now we have all products for oil and chemical spill response, Such like oil boom, High -tech dispersant,  Intelligent skimmer etc. Also we have a High Technology -the aircarft rescue simulator.

Of course, we lose a bid tender in this year, and we had failed any times in test of boom in this year. But I look at them ,are wonderful life flavoring , such as chili pepper or pepper......:)

I would like to thank  you -my friends and colleagues, in my most difficult time ,To support me and help me in my side.Is your incentive and encouragement, I keep the speed and direction to move on.

I will never forget you, RuiSi Tech will not forget you!

Finally , one again bless you!

Wu Yue

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